Market Research: Uncovering FREE Research Resources December 9, 2021, 10:00am EST December 9, 2021, 10:00am EST
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This workshop will teach you how to find the information you need to make better business decisions.


You’ll Learn How To:

1. Collect & analyze information critical to your business plan.

2. Identify the best industry and market segments.

3. Pinpoint the most profitable customers.

4. Analyze & beat the competition.


Free Workshop Tools Include:

• 80 page, easy to follow Workbook with links to free research sites.

• Business plan template


About the presenter- John Rhind, Certified SCORE Mentor

  • 5 years as a SCORE mentor, counseling hundreds of clients & teaching dozens of workshops.
  • 30 years of senior-level corporate & ad agency experience with numerous Fortune 500 companies
  • Certified Inbound Marketing Professional
  • Bachelor of Science from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University


About the Presenter(s)

John Rhind

John has been a Score mentor for more than 5 years, counseling hundreds of clients...

Market Research: Uncovering FREE Research Resources