In 2009, Arlyn and Steve Llewellyn were both burned out by their jobs and ready for a new adventure together. Steve connected with an Idaho brewer through her email list and learned her brewery was upgrading its equipment. “Steve sent her an email to ask if she had plans for the old system,” Arlyn recalls. “It turned out that she didn’t and that we were going to be in the area in a few weeks or a family wedding.”

They visited the brewery, then returned a few weeks later to rent a truck and drive their new purchase back to Indiana. “During that three-day trip, we spent countless hours dreaming about our future business and what we wanted it to look, feel and be like,” Arlyn says. “Once we got home, the hard work started.” In 2014, they finally opened Function Brewing, a craft brewery with a taproom open to the public. 

My Successes: 
“Our mentors were a huge part of our business planning process,” when they first opened Function Brewing, Arlyn says, meeting weekly with the Llewellyns as they prepared to open. As they consider growing the business further, they have plans to reach out to SCORE for further guidance.
How SCORE Helped: 

When the Llewellyns started to work on their business plan, they realized they didn’t know how to complete the financial aspects of the plan. They met with volunteer mentors Dave Anthony and James Rusie, who “were an invaluable resource to us in understanding how to make financial projections and to understand basic accounting principles,” Arlyn says.