Being a SCORE Volunteer Offers Many Benefits

Joining SCORE provides networking, knowledge building, recognition, and leadership opportunities. You’ll also get the intrinsic benefit of contributing to the growth and success of your local community.

Network with Local and National Business Experts

With SCORE, you’ll get to meet and build relationships with business leaders in your community and across the country.
Leverage these relationships to develop new skills, help local small businesses, or expand your personal and professional network.

Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue with Gil Hayes SCORE District Director
Young female leader giving business presentation on flipchart at meeting

Develop New Skills with SCORE Training

Whether you’re serving as a mentor, workshop facilitator, or chapter support role, you’ll have the opportunity to develop new skills. These include marketing, finance, management, relationship building, public speaking, leadership, and more. Training is available year-round. You can learn amongst your peers in a local office or take online courses from the comfort of your home or office.

Build Deeper Connections to Your Local Community

SCORE volunteers feel the joy and fulfillment that comes with helping a local business achieve their goals. You feel good knowing you’ve helped grow your local economy and helped someone live their dreams. Our volunteers take pride in their work and make a tremendous impact on the lives they touch.

SCORE Santa Fe mentoring session
2014 SCORE Award Winners standing together

Get Local and National Recognition for Your Efforts

Because of the impact they make on the national and local economy, SCORE volunteers are often recognized for their efforts. Recognition opportunities are available through The SCORE Awards, National Small Business Week, local and national media stories, and local appreciation events. 

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